Stroke Support Organizations

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The following presentations were recorded at the 2018 World Stroke Congress in Montréal, Canada, at the Stroke Support Organizations main session organized by Sarah Belson.

Stroke Support Organizations are Non Governmental Organizations (civil society) that address the concerns of stroke survivors and their caregivers by:

• Representing their views, and their families’ views on improved stroke care
• Organizing services and support in the community using trained volunteers with links to professionals
• Raising awareness about stroke and the need for better resources
• Sharing experiences in dealing with problems resulting from stroke
• Providing relevant information to stroke survivors and their caregivers
​• Supporting Government initiatives to help prevent stroke in the first place.

Find more information about SSOs on the WSO website:

The power of an SSO as change agents to improve stroke systems of care
The “hidden” effects of stroke and the role of SSOs in uncovering and responding

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